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Department of Engineering Chemistry

Dr. Vibha Patel


The knowledge of engineering chemistry is being given to first year student to give solid foundation for their engineering studies. In higher semester student get opportunity to understand important aspects of life and also applicable to their Engineering knowledge i.e. information regarding environment availability of energy and if efficient use and impact on society.

The faculty in the deptt of Engineering Chemistry is very experienced. Student avail the best facilities for performing experiment in fully equipped laboratory. The experiments are designed in such manner which covers the entire syllabus of RGPV. The environment provided is so much aspiring and motivating to make them feel how theoretical knowledge can be tested experimentally.

It is well known saying that chemistry of any educational institute decide the product it can make, likewise the engineering chemistry deptt. of HCET is developed to strengthen the concept of chemistry which helps the student to absorb the engineering student of different branches.

# Name Designation
1 Dr. Vibha Patel Prof. & HOD
2 Priyanka Agrawal A. Prof.