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Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Sudhir Bhatt


Civil Engineering has been taught in the institution as one of the core subjects in all branches of engineering. The full-fledged branch of civil engineering leading to the Bachelor's Degree has been introduced from the session 2004-2005 in the institution. In the state of M.P., up till now the course is being offered by only Autonomous turned Government Engineering Colleges and was untouched by the Private Institutions.

The HCET who have been imparting the quality education with the well established laboratories and experienced faculty is again committed to produce best quality engineers in this branch of engineering also. The HCET Civil Engineering laboratories are well equipped with Transportation, Turbo Machinery, Structure, Survey, AutoCAD, Soil Mechanics, and other facilities for practical exposure to students.

As is well known, huge investments are being made in the near future in the road infrastructure, railways, housing, etc. - Rs 540 billion in the National Highway Development Programme (NHDP) and Rs. 600 Billion in the Prime Ministers Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), Rs. 150 billions for the National Rail Vikas Yojana and Rs. 1510 billion to provide housing for all. Historically speaking such massive investments have never been envisaged in the sphere of construction in India. At such a juncture, the nation indeed needs young talented and dedicated Civil Engineers who would effectively shoulder the responsibility of implementing gigantic schemes.

Civil Engineering is unarguably the oldest engineering profession in the world. What culminated out of mankind's basic need for shelter has stretched its scope well beyond its original purpose. Structures ranging from enormous dams and stupendous bridges spanning across the wildest of the earth's rivers to the multi-storeyed skyscrapers kissing the firmament, bear testimony to this fact. With today's changing scenario, the basic challenges to our society that require civil engineering talent are increasing in number and importance. The effects of population growth, transportation congestion, decaying infrastructure, shrinking waste management options, environmental deterioration, destruction from disasters, represent a significant problem to mankind, which must be mitigated by civil engineer.

The civil engineering profession is synonymous with the construction industry. The two have grown parallel with each other.

# Name Designation
1 Dr. Sudhir Bhatt Prof. & Director
2 Prof. Ashish Soni A.Prof.
3 Prof. Gaurav Gupta A.Prof.
4 Prof. Rajesh Shrivastava A.Prof.
5 Prof. Gaurav Bhandari A.Prof.
6 Prof. Sanjiv Jain A.Prof.
7 Prof. Aditya Chansoria A.Prof.
8 Prof. Jyoti Yadav A.Prof.
9 Prof. Vatsal Khandelwal A.Prof.
10 Prof. Vijay Namdeo A.Prof.
11 Prof. Vinay Kumar Sharma A.Prof.