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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Prof. Nitin Jharbade


There are 6 computer centres,well equipped with 6 powerful servers for Networking in Win NT 4.0, SCO UNIX and Windows 2000 , connectivity using the advantages of star topology. In addition the computer centres have 250 Pentium-IV systems with high configuration, connected to these networks.

H.C.E.T. has the latest software like ORACLE 8 I Workgroup Server 8.0, Developer 2000, Visual Studio 6.0, Turbo C++/ Turbo assembler, Auto Desk, AutoCad R14, Cobol, Pascal, Fortran77, MS Office 2000 running on OS like Win NT, Win 98, Win ME and Windows 2000.

All the systems are backed up with safety and security features. Anti-Virus software like Norton 2001, PC Cillin 2000 and McAFee are guarding the systems.

Generally Speaking, the courses related with the word"Computing" come with a variety of titles. Courses with the word 'computing' in their title will be more biased towards practical applications, and courses based around 'computer science' will have a more theoretical content. Computer Science and Engineering covers Software Engineering,Computer systems, Artificial Intelligence, Information System Management, Computer Science and Mathematics.

It generally covers how computer operates and how to programme them, usage of computers, Databases and Computer Networking design, development and maintenance of computer software. It is a sensible choice to undertake the Computer Science and Engineering Course as it provides the excitement to the student and working in this area promote changes to break new academic grounds and encounter new challenges as the internet is expanding. Computer Science Degree tends to cover hardware and internal system of computer which include the aspects of computer designing and construction as well as system and software programming.

# Name Designatiom
1 Prof. Nitin Jharbade Prof. & HOD
2 Prof. Vishwanath Gupta A.Prof.
3 Prof. Manish Soni A.Prof.
4 Prof. Amit Kuraria A.Prof.
5 Prof. Ajay Acharya A.Prof.
6 Prof. Raja Singh A.Prof.
7 Prof. Neelu Tiwari A.Prof.
8 Prof. Pooja Dubey A.Prof.
9 Prof. Kanika Sharma A.Prof.
10 Prof. Megha Pathak A.Prof.
11 Prof. Manish Behrani A.Prof.