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Session 2016-17

Lecture Delivered on
Name of Dignity
EC Department

Expert Lecture

1 September, 2016
Microelectronics and VLSI Design
DR. Alok Nagourhiya
NIT, Raipur
IT Department
Expert Lecture
7 September, 2016
Industry and new trends

Mr. Himanshu verma

TCS, Miami USA
ME Department
Expert Lecture
10 September, 2016
Soft Skills / Software future opportunity in Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Prateek Chouksey
Autoshape, Jabalpur
CSE Department

Expert Lecture

19 September,  2016

Arrays of Technology
Mr. Shubham Basu
Persistent, Pune
ME Department

26 September, 2016 -  28 September, 2016

CATIA Software
PLM Solutions
CSE Department

17 November, 2016

Abhijeet Choubey
HCET, Jabalpur

Expert Lecture on Project Management

An expert lecture was organised on Thursday 03 March 2016 by Department of Mechanical Engineering on Project Management with special emphasis on Power plant erection by Er. Mukul Goel (B.Tech from IIT Bombay, his post graduate education includes M.E from Texas A&M University and MBA from University of Pittsburgh, USA).
His expertise stems from exposure to all phases of the project life cycle in multiple sectors. Mukul Goel ’s contribution in power plant engineering has its own significance from the view point of designing / modification operations maintenance radiation protection and quality assurance. He has been involved with power plants such as Fort Myers Power St, Florida. He has long way to go in the field of power plant to replace older power plants with super significant plants for the welfare of human being.

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Expert Lecture on Product Design

An expert lecture was organised by Department of Mechanical Engineering on CARRER GUIDANCE IN PRODUCT-DESIGN by Er.Ashutosh Biltheria BE (Mech) M.Des.(Product Design NIT Ahmadabad)on 27/2/2016.

    He explained different approaches (i.e. role of brain storming, concurrent design etc.) used in modern product design. He also covered the different field where now a days product design is applied i.e. gadgets design, animation design, architecture design etc. He threw light on various issues to be considered during the product design i.e. social issues, political issues, financial issues, environmental effect of material used in product as well as product application.

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Achievements of HCETians

  • HCET is proud to inform that Electrolexus Club has presented four projects in the Event SRIJAN (Zonal Level) organised by Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Science, Jabalpur on 20th Feb 2016. The team project name "SMART MAGLEV TRAIN" secured the first postion in top 5 out of 42 participating projects. The team will now represent HCET at State Level in Bhopal on 8th March 2016.
  • Simultaneusly our YANTRAVEDA team had participated in two Robotics event in State Level Tech-fest organised by SATI Vidisha on 20th Feb 2016. Here also we have proved our presence. In first robotics event ROBORACE we secured first position while in the second event ROBOWAR we have secured second position.

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Vigyan Mela

  • Hitkarini college of Engineering & Technology, Jabalpur, M.P. attained Vigyan Mela Seoni organised by Madhya Pradesh Council of Science Technology, Bhopal for three days 13 February to 15 February 2016.
  • Our college communicated with about 2000 people of Seoni about science facts and thoughts through models demonstration and multi media.
  • We propagated that how a smart road can be design by using advance technology like sensors,monolithic microwave integrated sensors and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) security based street light systems.
  • Our college presented three models out of those, we won the frist prize on Smart road with automatic street light system among all participated Engineering colleges and Science colleges.
  • We also provide training to design Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lamp with minimum cost.
  • We also provide the information, how Light - Emitting Diode (LED) lamp is useful for us and how it can save the electric power as well as electric bill for each and every person of world.

Workshop on Android

The workshop took place on 20th and 21st Nov 2015. It was organized in collaboration with Robo Edutech India Pvt. Ltd and was chaired by Dr Atul Gupta, Associate Professor IIITDM,Jabalpur.

Dr. Samir Vaidya Principal, HCET opened the session by welcoming the participants, asking participants, and establishing the ground rules. The First Day of the workshop by Mr Raghav Robo Edutech India Pvt. Ltd was workshop instructor cum trainer for two day workshop. The workshop was spitted in for session for two days.

  • Session1: Basics about android application development were explained by Mr Raghav.
  • Session 2: The designing and implementation has been covered in this session in depth.
  • Session 3: This session was more interactive with participants by developing the Android.
    Application i.e. calling, camera etc. in this session participants were completely involved in DEVELOPMANTRA activity. The participants were assigned some activity by workshop trainer and at simultaneously he introduced the competition rule for next session 4.
  • Session 4: The session was based on zonal competition between various teams formed in session 3 with 3 to 4 participants. First three teams who completed their task with minimum time were announced winner for this zonal round and they were invited for final participation at IIT BHUNESHWAR in the month of January 2016.

Outcomes of the Training-Workshop

  • To improve the programming skills of participant.
  • To impart student with employability.
  • To make participant aware with latest trend in development area that help them to choose their career.

  • Entrepreneur Awareness Camp

    The workshop took place on 17/10/2015 at HCET. The team arrived at the venue on the same day in the morning, on 17/10/2015. Theme of Workshop was to develop the Entrepreneur skill in the student. The workshop is organized in association with IIT –Kharagpur under the pre signed MoU.

    It was organized in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur and was chaired by Mr.Arvind Kumar, Designation. Project Delivery Head, TCS Nagpur , Mr. Ashutosh Pyasi , Palenge Digital Marketing, Mr Ashutosh Gupta, CEO , Campus Mall , Mr. Vishal Purohit , CEO , Gharangan Financial Associate, Mr. S L Kori , Director , SEDMAP , Dr. Sameer Vaidya , Principal , HCET , Dr. Ashish Shrivastava , Training & Placement Officer, HCET.

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    Sports & Cultural Meet 2015

    The College Sports & Cultural Meet 2015 was conducted on 8 & 9th of Oct 2015. The Cultural day began enthusiastically with a inaugural speech by Dr. Dhiravani.

    The day ended with a positive note by Shri Jay Singh Rao Gaikwar by encouraging the young sports & cultural enthusiasm. The selected students they will now meet at intercollegiate co-curriculum activities of Hitkarini Vidhya Parishad on 3rd week of November 2015.

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    Certification Workshop on AutoCAD

    The workshop took place from 05th Oct to 11th Oct 2015 at the Civil Engineering Department.The students were trained for seven days by the expert Mr. Arafat Rehman, The Head Trainer, Drafting Wing, Scube Software Services Pvt. Ltd, Bhopal.

    During the workshop, students learnt the features, commands and techniques for creating, editing, and printing drawings with AutoCAD. Using practical exercises, the students explored how to create 2D production drawings in the best interactive learning environment under the guidance of the certified trainer.

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    Workshop on PLC-SCADA

    One Day Workshop was organized on 3 October 2015, HCET. Dr Sameer Vaidya, Principal, HCET inaugurated the workshop by welcoming the participants. The workshop was chaired by Mr. Sudesh Morey, Director DRMZ Technology Bhopal. Chief Guest of inaugural functional were Prof G. P. Tiwari, former Principal and Dr. S.B.L .Beohar former Additional Director, HCET, JABALPUR.