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Department of Information Technology Engineering

Prof. Amit Chandanan


Department of Information Technology is fully equipped to meet the need of the hour as well as the syllabi of the university. The new lab of Data Communication has been established to meet the syllabus in which LAN experiment consisting of point-to-point communications, multicast/broadcast communications, network management etc.are performed. In addition to this serial communication using RS-232, parallel interface, testing of various data communications protocols have been included. Testing of routing algorithms has also been nicely implemented.

The department is already equipped with a computer lab having PIV computers where practical knowledge of DBMS, multimedia and graphics, oops, Visual Basic, Visual C++, LINUX and Windows programming etc. are provided. Microprocessors and digital laboratory with standard equipments and interface devices are available to meet the current industrial requirements.

This college has made a sincere effort in the direction of providing Information Technology education. Information Technology covers computing and its application such as Database, Spreadsheet and Word Processing which help you to store, communicate and manipulate information for all sorts of communication and data handling needs. There is today a wide ranging demand for graduates who can contribute effectively to all aspects of Analysis, Design and Implementation of Information systems in both Businesses and Industry.

Information Technology courses are extremely popular as the syllabus are being designed in consultation with the businesses and industrial applications. Students are being assessed by the mix of examinations and assignments to reflect both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. Assignments are substantial pieces of practical work and are important for assessment of students

# Name Designation
1 Prof. Amit Chandanan Prof. & HOD
2 Prof. Sarita Patel A.Prof.
3 Prof. Richa Nakhra A.Prof.
4 Prof. Syed Masoor Ali A.Prof.
5 Prof. Atul Garg A.Prof.
7 Prof. Shivya Parashar A.Prof.
8 Prof. Shailja Hoonka A.Prof.
9 Prof. Geetika Khatri A.Prof.