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Department of Engineering Physics

Dr. Rinku Kathuria


In physics you don’t have to go around making trouble for yourself – nature does it for you.

This department has been rendering excellent teaching since the inception of this grand institute imparting the knowledge of physics to engineering students, may be rightly called the mother of all engineering branches. With the passage of time it was felt necessary that this should be upgraded to stature.

This department has a tradition of having up-to- date facility of many laboratories at graduate level ably backed up by the learned teaching staff offering their knowledge and expertise in destiny of the student.

Keeping in view the advancement and changing scenario we have kept pace with the changing time by having new labs and facilities in the department keeping the old values intact. Presently we have the undergraduate BE labs with modern experiments and well equipped Nuclear science lab, solid state / Material science lab, and electronics and digital lab for UG students.


G.M. Counter
Hall Effect setup
Laser & Fibre Optics Setup
Planck Constant Setup
Various Methods of inferences, Diffraction & Polarization of Optical Rays.
Various setup regarding the behavior of Semiconductor Devices.

# Name Designation
1 Prof. Devashish Mukerjee Registrar
2 Dr. Rinku Kathuria Prof. & HOD
3 Prof. Pallavi Shukla A. Prof