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Hitkarini Sabha

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Our Parent Body ...

Since 1868

A vision that made the difference

Hitkarini Sabha, Jubbulpore for the first time ushered into the history books, in the year 1868, eleven years after India's first freedom fight of 1857. Since then, the history of Hitkarini Sabha is synonymous with India's Freedom Movement.

Hitkarini Sabha is now managing 8 Colleges, 16 Schools and one computer center, enrolling more than 13,000 students and employing more then 1000 teachers and staff.

Hitkarini Sabha is a leading nationalist educational conglomerate of Central India in Jabalpur with a unique contribution to the Freedom Movement and has promoted the moral, social and intellectual interests and well being of the people, by extending literary and technical knowledge.

Hitkarini Sabha is imparting value based education in the field of law, humanities, education, science, commerce, computer, engineering, dental science and nursing.

Impressive Credentials ...

Some of the visitors of national importance to Sabha

Mahatma Gandhi

Jawaharlal Nehru

Dr. R. Prasad

Indira Gandhi


Institutions run by Sabha ...

Name of Institutions Establishment
01 Hitkarini Girls College, Jabalpur 1933
02 Hitkarini Law College, Jabalpur 1981
03 Hitkarini Women's Training College, Jabalpur 1981
04 Hitkarini Science Commerce & Arts College, Jabalpur 1993
05 Hitkarini College of Engineering & Technology, Jabalpur 1997
06 Hitkarini College of Computer Application, Jabalpur 2000
07 Hitkarini Institute of Nursing Sciences & Research, Jabalpur 2002
08 Hitkarini Dental College & Hospital, Jabalpur 2005
09 Hitkarini College of Architecture & Town Planning, Jabalpur 2009
01 Kasturchand Hitkarini Higher Secondary School, Jabalpur 1871
02 Babu Manmohandas Hitkarini Girls Higher Secondary School, Jabalpur 1938
03 Hitkarini Higher Secondary School, Garha, Jabalpur 1944
04 Hitkarini Higher Secondary School, Govind Ganj, Jabalpur 1948
05 Hitkarini Higher Secondary School, Gorakhpur, Jabalpur 1958
06 Hitkarini Girls Higher Secondary School, Garha, Jabalpur 1977
07 Hitkarini Higher Secondary School, Sahajpur, Jabalpur 1981
08 Hitkarini Girls Higher Secondary School, VFJ Estate, Jabalpur 1992
09 Hitkarini Higher Secondary School, Bijori, Jabalpur 1977
01 Hitkarini Girls Primary School, Garha, Jabalpur 1987
02 Hitkarini Primary School, Govindganj, Jabalpur 1987
03 Hitkarini Primary School, Garha, Jabalpur 1988
04 Hitkarini Primary School, Gorakhpur, Jabalpur 1988
05 Hitkarini Primary School, Ghamapur, Jabalpur 1988
06 Hitkarini Childrens Academy, Jonesganj, Jabalpur 1997
01 Kasturchand Hitkarini Sanskrit Pathshala, Jabalpur 1870
02 Hitkarini Sabha Girls Hostel, Jabalpur 1958
03 Hitkarini Computer Center, Jonesganj, Jabalpur 1984