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Selection Criteria ...

Selection Criteria of the companies who visit for Campus recruitment has different criterion and they see different traits prospective employee.

Eligibility Criteria Most of the reputed Companies have eligibility criteria of 60% without any present or active backlog i.e. a candidate should have 60% marks in 10th,12th and aggregate at the time of placement should be 60%. As such , it should be our endeavour to admit such students who are already having 60% marks in 10th 12th.

Selection Procedure TCS has developed their own software for the Online Test. This procedure is quick and free from any hazard and the results are immediately known to the candidates at the end of the Test. Such Tests consist of critical reasoning, logic ability, mathematics and English and some technical ability. Some Companies like Satyam, Infosys, Syntel etc. have their own Question Papers which comprises of the above constituents and the Test is of One hour duration. The Paper is divided into two or three parts and such methods of the Companies are their own. Students securing the cut off marks are declared to be pass in Written test. Some of the Companies like Infosys give more weightage to the English language and their Paper consist of large sections of exercises pertaining to English language.

Technical and HR Rounds After they clear the Written Test, Technical and HR Rounds are held. The Technical Rounds consist of Questions pertaining to each Branch which consist of Concepts and Fundamentals of the subject. HR round mainly consists of psychometric round and after these rounds, the final list of the selected candidate is prepared.

Recruitment Ideology Different companies believe in having different recruitment ideologies but most of the companies believe in hiring candidates who have an ability to learn. Their ideology of recruitment is to forecast and hire the right person for the right job in the lowest possible turnaround time. Forecasting help them to avoid pressure based hiring. They look at achieving outstanding results, minimize hiring mistakes and build a world class team of excellent people.

Philosophy of Selection The selection process is a mix of carefully selected tools. They test the knowledge bade of a candidate by letting them undergo test. They also evaluate the person for their technical or business skills through interviews and discussions with experts within the organization. Their recruitment team have elaborate discussions with candidates to understand their psychology attitude and zeal to be different from the ordinary individual. A candidate on an average undergoes through two rounds of technical rounds of Interviews and discussions apart from his discussions with HR team to understand the expectations of the candidate and explain the kind of mandate expected from him. Apart from the educational qualifications, the companies seek among the young and enthusiastic candidates, their technical professional qualifications as a must criterion and how they can think differently and willing to take risk and believe in action orientation.

Feedback From The Placement Team The Companies expect that the candidates should have Basic and Fundamental knowledge of their respective field and they should have a very clear idea as to what they know and what they do not know. If at all they know something how clearly they know it. Generally, they ask you to give an area of your interest. Students generally overlook at minute details and write what others write and copy them which has come to light while they are confronted with the same question during the interview. The candidate should be very honest in making any statement. The interviewers are very smart persons who can detect your abilities very easily. The basic questions which they ask are the following ...

  • Knowledge of C and C++
  • Dataform
  • Micro Processors at Mobile technology
  • Java
  • Oracle
  • Dot Net

We have already started the Oracle Training Certificate in our college.

Communication Skill During the Group Discussion, ability of Communication skill is widely exposed to the Interviewers. Group Discussion consists of subject knowledge , spoken English, and the body language. In al the recruiters look for their performance strategic vision, ability to communicate, problem solving skills, responsiveness and so on. Since the software marketers are very dynamic, every company who are master recruiters, wish to recruit as many good candidates as possible.