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Website Development and Maintenance Department (WD&M)

Sure anyone can design a website, but how many people do it well ?

WD&M was established on 21st Nov 2007 with a very small setup & well experienced persons, to provide the correct, advance & latest information to our visitors. WD&M is not only developing a web site, it also aims to create an error-free, highly secured, paperless, cost-effective, e-commerce enabled, time saving, transparent & efficient web system to lead this world. WD&M gives the highest priority to its visitor’s need and believe in a well-managed and efficient work methodology. Proper procedural working & verification of all the phases of work is mandatory at WD&M. We believe it gives our visitors a clear picture at any given point of time.

Technology ...

WD&M uses the latest technologies like DOTNET, ASP, PHP, FLASH, ORACLE, MYSQL, MSSQL, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, JAVA and many more. To support the world leading operating systems like WINDOWS, LINUX & MAC with cross browsers support for IE, FIREFOX, SAFARI, OPERA, NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR etc. We are in the top list of world leading search engines like GOOGLE & YAHOO.

Website Administrator ...

Goals ...

A website is a corporate resource & like any other resource it aims to become a leading technology expert to support the industry by using cutting edge technology. It is completely atomized to join hands with the industry leaders. The main goal of WD&M is to become a GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE BANK for the industry by achieving the highest levels of global technology system values. It also aims to earn the trust of industry by developing & deploying latest technologies & strategies.

Infrastructure ...

WD&M infrastructure is embedded with the experts team & all the licensed softwares with latest technology hardware setup.