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Award of Excellence

Presented jointly by his excellency Padmabhushan Dr. T.N. Chaturvedi, Governor of Karnataka & Dr. Natrajan, Chairman, AICTE, New Delhi on 31st March 2004 The students have a voice in each and every activity of the college and they even select the teachers for the award of excellence based on the objectively designed matrix considering the proficiency of the teacher, teaching methodology, subject expertise, technical knowledge, eagerness in solving students problems etc. Based on the observations made by the students, following teachers were given cash prizes..

Dr. I. S. Gujral

(Vice Principal & H.O.D. Mechanical Engineering)
Received 1st Price Rs. 50,000/- by cheque.

Er. Ullekh Pandey

(Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering)
Received 2nd Price Rs. 30,000/- by cheque.

Er. Avinash Gaur

(H.O.D., E&TC Engineering)
Received 3rd Price Rs. 20,000/- by cheque.